Learn Dutch!

Do you want to learn or improve your Dutch? I’m starting two new online groups in September. On Tuesday mornings I’ll have lessons for absolute beginners and on Friday afternoons for somewhat more advanced students. Not sure which group would be right for you? Feel free to contact me and discuss what would be your best option!

Absolute beginners (A0 - A1)

This course is for those who have never taken Dutch classes before or very few. You might know how to greet someone, but really not much more than that. In this course you will learn the basics of the language: asking and answering questions about yourself and your family, making plans, going to the (super)market, etc.

We will work with the book Nederlands in gang, covering chapters 1-8. That makes it a pretty high paced course. Count on doing 2-4 hours of homework a week as well. But remember: the more you practice, the more you will learn!

The course has 20 lessons, 2 hours each, so 40 hours in total.

Beginners (A1-A2)

If you’ve taken a Dutch course before and are comfortable with the basics, it’s time to sign up for the next level. You will learn talking about the past and make more complicated sentences. Also you will broaden the kind of topics you are able to talk about: going to the doctors, traveling, small talk, etc.

In this course we will also use the book Nederlands in gang, covering chapters 8-18. As things are getting a little bit more difficult, this course is somewhat slower paced than the absolute beginners course, allowing for more time to practice! Do count on doing 2-4 hours of homework every week and remember: practice makes perfect!

There are 25 lessons, so a total of 50 hours. 

Private lessons

Would you prefer private lessons? That is also possible. Invidvual lessons can be at any level (A0 – C2), and focus on what you want and need to practice. We can do a general course or one that is focused on for example (business) writing. Lessons are 90 minutes (online). 

Lessons can start at any time during the year and will be scheduled whenever is convenient for both of us (I work Tuesday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm)

Practical information

A0 - A1

A1 - A2

Private lessons


Learned a lot!

Thank you Aleid! In 10 lessons I’ve learned more than I thought I would

Max (cursist NT2)

Patient teacher

Aleid is a very nice and patient teacher. We didn’t have enough lessons to get to a high level, but Dutch makes a lot more sense to me now, which is great. I especially liked the games we did in the lessons.

Erhan (incompanytraining NT2)

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